A propos de la marque de cigare el septimo

Our History

The brand was founded in 2005 by an aficionado who had become dissatisfied with the choice and quality of available cigars on the market. He was motivated to create something exceptional in terms of the whole package - the overall aesthetics, quality, size and taste.
The desire to overcome perceived shortcomings in the market led this aficionado to create the El Septimo range, which now covers more than twenty cigars in two distinctive series. The El Septimo journey to cigar perfection has been achieved by combining innovation with secular traditions.

About Our Cigars

Dark and oily layers, clumps of tantalising aromas, heightened by outsized modules: Explore your seventh sense through the brand El Septimo.
Made from vintage tobaccos and designed by great masters of assembly, each cigar will take you beyond your desires through a unique experience: El Septimo.
Our luxury cigars are family produced in a secret valley in Costa Rica using Cuban tobacco seeds.
The passion and expertise of extraordinary men and women are the cornerstone of a brand that combines, for each module, creativity, tradition and sensuality.
With El Septimo cigars, your pleasure is first of all ours: that of sharing something exclusive in rare and precious moments.