Since 2005

The brand EL SEPTIMO opens to the world of cigar smokers

Cigares de luxe millésimés by El Septimo

You thought you knew excellence

Originally, the idea of the design was to offer a unique and new range of modules based on single tobacco mixtures from many lands. The cream of the cream of smoking.

About the brand
Un concept unique de cigares haut de gammes

A new generation of cigars

On the way to this creation everything was redesigned in a new way to break with a long tradition of obsolete packaging, creating new rings providing both originality and aesthetics.

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Un savoir faire unique, un concept de cigares moderne et traditionnel, une nouvelle génération

Tradition and unique know-how

Made from vintage tobaccos and designed by great masters of assembly, each cigar will take you beyond your desires through a unique experience.

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